Town Council

The Town Council of the Town of Glen Ridge meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in Town Hall. Consisting of 5 members and the Mayor, the Council is responsible for the total operation of the Town.  At each meeting residents are invited to make public comment to the Council prior to any actions taken on the agenda. Residents who wish to comment should come to the meeting, sign in, and indicate their desire to speak.

Town Council Members are:

  • Taylor Jantz (Seat 1)
  • Leila Rothe (Seat 2)
  • Kevin Wellman (Seat 3)
  • Thomas Lisi (Seat 4)
  • Gary Sullivan (Seat 5)

Town Mayor is Alice McLane

Town Marshal is Richard McLane

Deputy Town Marshal is Patsy Salsberg

Town Attorney is B. Douglas MacGibbon

Town Manager is John J. Deal