Common Town Ordinances


  • Grass and weeds height shall not exceed eight (8) inches.
  • A Building Permit is required for placement or construction of any kind of structure on your property. Permits are more often required than not for most projects.  Contact Town Hall (561-697-8868) for further clarification.
  • It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or maintain within the town any cows, asses, oxen, mules, bulls, hogs, goats, sheep, chickens, poultry of any description, horses, other than ponies with "pony cards" as defined by the current standards of the American Horse Show Association, so long as the ponies are kept in appropriate stalls with sanitary facilities, and no more than two per lot, dogs used for sporting or commercial purposes, or dogs other than household pets.
  • No more than three dogs or three cats over the age of eight weeks shall be permitted to be kept at any one time on any premises in the town zoned for residential purposes, or on other premises within 500 feet of any premises zoned for residential purposes.
  • No owner of any animal, nor anyone who harbors an animal, shall permit the animal to run at large within the town. The term "running at large" shall be construed to mean the permitting of the animal to be on public or private property, not the property of the owner or the property of the person who harbors the animal, without a competent attendant.
  • The entire area now embraced by the corporate limits of the town shall be designated as a bird sanctuary. It shall be unlawful to hunt, kill, maim or trap; hunt with a slingshot, gun, or to attempt to in any manner shoot or otherwise molest birds or any wild fowl; to rob or otherwise molest the nests of birds nesting or located within the corporate limits of the town.
  • All lands in the town shall be kept free from debris, vegetation (including trees) or other matter which by reason of height, proximity to neighboring structures, physical condition, disease, or other peculiar characteristics, might, in time of hurricane winds, prevalent in this region, cause damage to life or property within the surrounding area. The existence of any such debris, vegetation or other matter as shall create such a hazard is declared to be a nuisance.
  • No person shall park, store, leave or permit the parking, storing or leaving, upon any public or private property within the town, of any junked motor vehicle or any abandoned motor vehicle or appliance for a period of time in excess of 72 hours. The presence of such junked or abandoned article within the town beyond such period of time is declared to be a nuisance.
  • Restricted vehicles (commercial vehicles, boats/trailers, travel, camping trailers, truck campers, motor homes, off-road recreational vehicles, machinery) shall be parked or stored on private residential property in the most preferred location. In order of preference, the most preferred locations are:
  • Garage or carport.
  • Rear yard or side yard, behind the front building line.
  • Rear setback line.
  • Side setback line behind the front building line.
  • All pools over two feet in depth must be protected by a fence, wall or an adequate enclosure surrounding the property or pool area. The enclosures must be at least four feet in height and have lockable gates with latches placed out of reach of children and be self-latching. This provision shall apply whether the pool is an in-ground or above-ground pool.
  • Permits for docks on town waterways must be approved by the South Florida Water Management District before application can be made to the town.