Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Run a Business Out of My Home?

With certain restrictions, yes. Please consult the Complete Code of Ordinances or call Town Hall at 561-697-8868.

Are There Limitations on the Type of Business that can Operate in Commercially Zoned Properties?

Yes, the Town of Glen Ridge Zoning Ordinances limit the types of businesses to the following:  Professional offices, Medical offices and clinics, Beauty salons, Barbershops, Shoe repair, Hair stylists, Haberdasher, Watch repair, Real estate offices, Insurance offices, Accounting offices, Travel agencies.

Do I need a Building Permit for my next weekend project?

Very likely, yes. But there are exceptions. Please call Town Hall at 561-697-8868 to check.

My neighbor’s grass is getting awfully tall. Is there a height limit for grass/weeds in town?

Yes, most definitely. The height limit is 8”. If you are uncertain if your neighbor is in violation please call Town Hall.

My neighbor continually leaves garbage and recycling bins on the street for days after pickup. Is there an ordinance to limit this?

Unfortunately, there is not, but the Town does expect residents to bring those items back off the street as soon as possible after pickup. If you are uncomfortable asking your neighbor to do so, please contact Town Hall.

My neighbor parks a boat in the front yard. Isn’t there an ordinance against this?

Yes, there surely is. Our Code of Ordinances states: 

“Restricted vehicles parked or stored in residential districts shall be screened or hidden from view of abutting property owners and, for corner lots, from public rights-of-way abutting the property line. Acceptable screening shall include: Buildings, Opaque fences, Hedges or other landscaping materials, Any combination of those.”

Our shed was broken into last night. We think we know the time and the type of vehicle involved. Does the Town have security cameras that can be reviewed?

Yes, there are 8 security cameras in continuous use in town, 4 on Town Hall (capturing Gem Lake Rd and the intersection of Gem Lake and Glen Rd.) and 4 at the entrance to the Town on Gem Lake Rd. Those at the entrance include the capability of capturing license tags on vehicles entering or exiting town even in the dark. Please contact Town Hall for assistance.

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